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Tabbouleh and Guacamole Wrap

Tabbouleh and Guacamole Wrap

After soaking the bulgur in boiling water (ratio of 1 part bulgur/two parts water), I chopped sweet onion, carrots, mint, parsley, and mixed it all into the cooled bulgur. I squeezed the juice of one large lemon over the mixture, and added Himalayan pink salt and coarse-grind pepper to taste. I refrigerated overnight to let all the flavors meld.

For the guacamole, I mashed two ripe avocados and then added some finely chopped sweet onion, cilantro, Himalayan pink salt (to taste), and fresh lemon juice.

I heated the whole-wheat lavash flatbread for 20 seconds in the microwave so it would be pliable for rolling. Then, I spread a layer of guacamole along the nearest long side, and then topped it evenly with a generous amount of tabbouleh. I rolled it as tightly as possible, squeezing along the length of it as I rolled it up.