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Veggie Patties from Slow-Cooked Beans

I’d made a large batch of my slow-cooked beans (recipe on this site), and I thought it might be interesting to use some of them to make some veggie patties.  I’d just received a new CSA shipment that included some sweet potatoes, and the flavor of the beans mixed with the sweet potatoes seemed like it might be tasty.  It was, and here’s the recipe:

2 cups slow-cooked beans (from my recipe on here), 3 medium-sized baked/skinned/mashed sweet potatoes, 2 tbsp. Tahini, 1/4 cup sesame seeds, 1 cup each flax/Chia seeds, 1/2 cup #coachsoats 3 cloves crushed garlic, 1 finely chopped sweet onion, 1 tbsp. Westpoint Naturals vegetized sea salt, extra cumin/smoked paprika/pepper to taste (they’re in the slow-cooked beans, but you may want to add more). Mix well, shape into patties. Bake in a 400F oven on a baking sheet lightly coated with olive oil for about 15 minutes on each side.

I made the guacamole from my recipe on here as well.  The snap peas and strawberries were from my CSA shipment, too, and I had the English cucumber on hand.  I just served all of it platter-style.  The leftovers are great for snacking and/or more meals.


My Produce Bounty for the Week

My Produce Bounty for the Week

I’ve discovered the most wonderful roadside fruit and vegetable stand. They’re a one-stop-shop farmers’ market; the local farmers deliver their produce to their stand every day, so there’s a huge variety of vegetables and fruits (as well as dates and nuts) to choose from. Their prices are very low because their overhead is low—directly from the local farmers to the roadside stand keep the prices low, and the freshness high. When I first discovered them, I’d often stop by later in the day and they’d be sold out of most of their produce (clearly, I’m not the only one who’s discovered their low prices and high quality produce!). Now, I go there at least once or twice a week, and I always go early so I get what I want.

Any guesses as to how much I paid for all these fruits and veggies? Here is a list of what I got today:

1 large bunch of broccoli
Half flat of strawberries
10 pickling cucumbers (my absolute favorite)
5 Italian round zucchinis
2 mangos
1 pineapple
3 large onions (with green stems attached)
1 pound cherry tomatoes
1 pound string beans
5 _large_ Haas avocados
1 large bunch kale
2 large bunches of radishes
8 oz. dates

Fruit Smoothie

Fruit Smoothie

My son had made this filtered water infused with fresh strawberries, oranges, and lemons. He blended the fruits in the Vitamix, and then added them to a large pitcher of filtered water. This was about three days ago, and it tastes great. I decided to use it in my smoothie today (instead of almond milk).

I used about two cups of fresh frozen strawberries, half of the large papaya (in picture), one apple, one banana, one orange, about one cup fresh chopped pineapple. I added about two cups of the fruit-infused water, then blended all in the Vitamix.

Green Energy Smoothie

Green Energy Smoothie

A lot of us are making smoothies using our Vitamix (I’ve owned mine since 2004, and it was the best investment I could’ve made). I try to make a healthy smoothie almost every day; it’s a great way to get all your fruits and veggies into your daily food intake, and it’s easy to just drink on the go.

Instead of adding ice to my smoothies, I use frozen fruits that I buy fresh and organic then wash/core/slice immediately and place in a single layer on a parchment paper-lined tray in the freezer. Once they’re frozen, I divide them up in baggies and keep in the freezer. I don’t like over-ripe bananas (those that have brown on the peel), but that’s when they’re the most nutritious, so now I wait until they’re quite ripe before slicing and freezing. The other fruit that I always have on hand in the freezer (I usually buy about once a week) are strawberries. There’s an organic fruit stand nearby where I’ll buy a whole flat of them, and none go to waste by freezing this way and using for smoothies.

The other ingredient that I’ve begun to use regularly in my smoothies is organic unsweetened almond milk. One cup of almond milk contains only 60 calories (as opposed to 146 calories in whole milk, 122 calories in 2 percent, 102 calories in 1 percent, and 86 calories in skim milk). There’s no cholesterol or saturated fat in almond milk and it’s low in sodium and high in healthy fats, such as omega fatty acids. It also contains from 25-50 percent of the recommended daily amount of vitamins E, B, D, iron, and calcium. So, lots of good reasons to use it in your smoothies instead of water, yogurt, cow’s milk, etc. Drink plenty of water during the day, and use the almond milk for your smoothies.

Here’s what I put in this all-organic smoothie:

2 large handfuls of baby spinach (pre-washed)
1 cup frozen fresh sliced strawberries
1 cup frozen slices of bananas
1 fresh sliced apple (I used Gala in this one)
2 oranges (I use tangelos)
1 1/2 cups almond milk

Blend in your Vitamix or other blender. It’s surprisingly sweet considering it looks like it might taste kind of bitter since it’s so green! It’s a definite energy booster, and a great breakfast or snack during the day. Reserve the leftover in a sealed Mason jar in the refrigerator.

Quinoa Tabbouleh with Mango, Strawberries, Avocado and Kale

Quinoa Tabbouleh with Mango, Strawberries, Avocado and Kale


2 c water
1 c quinoa
1 pinch salt
1/4 cup olive oil
1 tbsp Flavor God Everything Seasoning
1 tsp coarse-grind pepper
1/4 cup fresh-squeezed lemon juice
12 cherry tomatoes, deseeded and chopped very finely
1 English cucumber, finely diced
3 bunches green onions, finely diced
3 carrots, grated
1 cup fresh parsley, finely chopped
1 mango, sliced
1/2 avocado, sliced
handful of fresh whole strawberries
Handful of chopped fresh kale
Some whole cherry tomatoes for the platter


In a saucepan bring water and quinoa to a boil. Reduce heat to low, cover and simmer for 15 minutes. Remove from stove and allow to sit for a few minutes before fluffing with a fork. Transfer to a large bowl and refrigerate while you are making the vegetable mix.

In a large bowl, combine olive oil, lemon juice, Flavor God seasoning, tomatoes, cucumber, green onions, carrots and parsley. Mix together well. If the quinoa is cooled enough by the time you’ve labored over all the fine chopping of your veggies, then stir it into the mixture. If it isn’t quite cool, let the vegetables marinate in the refrigerator until the quinoa is cool enough to add. Then mix it in, and stir well. Cover and refrigerate for at 30 minutes to let all the flavors blend.

Meanwhile, add the sliced mango and avocado onto a platter, along with whole strawberries. Place a handful of massaged and torn kale onto the platter. When the quinoa mixture is ready, serve on top of the kale. (I prefer to serve from a measuring cup so that it has a nice shape, and I know how large the serving sizes will be, but you can just spoon it into a pile over the kale.) Place some whole cherry tomatoes around the platter.

Tofu, Avocado, and Strawberry Salad

Tofu, Avocado, and Strawberry Salad

“Tofu is a good source of protein and contains all eight essential amino acids. It is also an excellent source of iron and calcium and the minerals manganese, selenium and phosphorous. In addition, tofu is a good source of magnesium, copper, zinc and vitamin B1. Tofu is an excellent food from a nutritional and health perspective. It is thought to provide the same sort of protection against cancer and heart disease as soya beans.” (

Strawberries are in season right now, and I’ve been getting them weekly in my organic Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shipment from “” They’re chock full of antioxidants, but they should be eaten within a few days since they lose their antioxidant potency relatively quickly. The following site ( describes some of the many health benefits of strawberries.

My recipes for the past several days have all included strawberries as a side, or in the dish; I eat them quickly while their antioxidant potency is at its peak.


1/2 c each of cubed super firm tofu and avocado
1 c sliced strawberries
1 tangelo orange
1 tsp chia seeds


Gently mix the avocado, tofu and strawberries together. Sprinkle the chia seeds over top. Slice off a third of the tangelo and place it on the side of the salad. Squeeze the remaining tangelo over the mixture.

Fresh Fruit Water

Fresh Fruit Water

I filled an empty glass Voss water bottle with filtered water, then added sliced tangelo oranges, lemon, strawberries (all organic), and some chopped fresh mint from my garden. I refrigerated it overnight, and by this morning the fruit was fully infused with the water, and it was ice-cold and delicious. I’ve been sipping on it all day, and it is so refreshing. It’s something I intend to do daily from now on, especially as the Southern California weather is beginning to warm up. It’s a great way to keep yourself hydrated all day, and it looks pretty, too!